This sustainable and eco-friendly company has grown to include more than just clothing.

tentree outlook trucker hat
Bring a part of the forest with you wherever you go with the tentree Outlook Trucker Hat. Ten trees are planted for every item purchased from tentree.Terrance Siemon

Eco-conscious companies are on the rise. One in particular has caught our eye with their graphics and unique style — this company is tentree. Using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, cork and coconut, tentree pledges to plant ten trees for every item purchased, with a goal to plant one billion trees by 2030.

Their hats are our personal favorite, and come in several different styles including the traditional cap, trucker and cadet fit. Unique images of landscape scenes — such as mountain peaks or dense forests — allow these hats to stand out from the rest, making it easy to take your hat from a night out camping to lunch with friends downtown the next day.

tentree starmap aop
The Starmap AOP 3/4 sleeve shirt has us seeing stars during the day and well into the night with solar charged, glow-in-the-dark ink.Matt Yeoman

We also tested out the women’s Starmap AOP shirt, and was not disappointed. The 3/4 sleeve length combined with the recycled polyester/organic cotton/TENCEL® blend creates a lightweight layer for alpine hikes or desert evenings around the fire. And just like the unique designs we love on their hats, we find ourselves looking down rather than up at constellations printed with water-based, phosphorescent ink that glow in the dark as the light fades and reveals the same star patterns we’ve been wearing all day.

What started out as a simple apparel company has expanded to include wallets, towels, mugs, a backpack and even accessories for your pup. We’re excited to see what tentree comes out with next.