Think the power of some sports drinks is all in your head? Well, you’re exactly right.

Pickle Juice
The power of the pickle: Research shows that pickle juice can atop cramps much faster than other hydrating fluids.Terrance Siemon

We love a good pickle, but that’s beside the point. Someone handed us a bottle of Pickle Juice Sport in the middle of winter and six months later we found it in our car’s center console while foraging around for grub after a grueling mountain run in the middle of a certified bonk laced with muscle cramps and dehydration. The label said “Extra Strength, Stops Muscle Cramps,” but really we would have devoured anything in front of us, no matter what the label said.  A few minutes after gulping down our one and only 2.5 ounce bottle, we were sold.

Turns out that the Pickle people are on to something. Research finds that pickle brine (a salt solution) triggers a nerve reaction that has been shown to reduce cramps nearly 37 percent faster than leading sports drinks.

Next time you’re crashing hard, just dill with it.

Check it out at Pickle Power