First Nation Collection of Sockwear Celebrates, Supports Native Americans

Thorlo, Inc. was born nearly 40 years ago and has built its brand using clinically-tested padding to provide active hikers, runners and sports-minded people something more than just comfy socks. Thorlos socks are designed to protect feet and provide foot-health benefits such as reducing foot pain, blisters, pressures and moisture. And now, the brand also benefits indigenous people of North America through its First Nation Collection, two distinct styles of sockwear that celebrate the original inhabitants of North America.


Thorlo Socks - Theme of Four design
The number four is a significant number to the Sioux Nation. The design on the sock represents the four directions, the four seasons, and the four Lakota virtues: generosity, wisdom, bravery and fortitude.Thorlo

The Collection was created as a way of giving back to an area of true need: education for Native Americans. According to Thorlo only 14 percent of Native Americans have a college degree. To help, Thorlo is donating 5 percent of profits before sales and marketing expenses from the sales of the First Nation Collection to the American Indian College Fund.


The Fund empowers more than 4,000 Native American students not only to start an education but to finish it. It has provided 131,000 scholarships and $201 million to support Native American communities. Its goal is to double its impact, and Thorlo is kicking in to help through the First Nation Collection.

Thorlo Sock - First Nation Collection
The turtle, depicted on this sock, is revered by the Cherokee Nation. The turtle could freely travel between land (the middle world) and water (the lower world).Thorlo

The First Nation Collection debuted this month at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver. One of the first on site, Adventure Pro reviewed the impressive sockwear adorned with Native American artistry. The initial designs include two styles – two crew length and one quarter length in various colors – with unique, original designs by artists from the Cherokee and Sioux nations.

Adventure Pro was excited to hear that Thorlo, while making no firm commitment, was considering Navajo for the next tribe to honor in the Collection.

We support that.

$18.99 Crew Length

$16.99 Quarter Length