Who ever said you can’t add a little pizzaz during your trail runs in the mountains, or anywhere for that matter?

We catch up with running mom, two time Boston Marathon finisher and Road Runners Club of America Certified running coach Megan Longinotti to hear how she blends function on the trail, on the road or wherever her runs may take her.

Longinotti said first and foremost, she likes to be comfortable. While summer’s can get warm in her backyard of Durango, Colorado, she heads out early mornings. Typically her top of choice is a sports tank top.

Brandon Mathis

“They keep me cooler,” she said. “I don’t chafe under my arms and I like the breeze own my skin, and the feeling of wearing something supportive.”

Two of Longinotti’s tops of choice are the Pick up Tank by Brooks ($42)  or the Synergist Tank by Moutain Hardware ($65).

For shorts, she stands by almost anything from Oiselle, her favorite being the Oiselle Roga short ($48).

“I have them in almost every color they make,” she said. “I love their shorts, they’re stretchy, like yoga shorts. Flattering. Good quality material.”

Oiselle of Seattle, Washington is an all women’s running apparel brand aiming to empower female athletes of all physiques and abilities.  Longinotti became a Oiselle fan wearing their shorts throughout her entire pregnancy with her second child.

For the rugged mountains and rocky deserts she calls home, she likes Brooks Cascadia trail running  shoes ($130)

“They’re timeless, she said. ” Consistent with quality and durability. I like the traction.”

Throw in some Balega stocks and she’s off.

Brandon Mathis

On more rigorous runs, Longinotti may choose a hydration vest over her normal hand held hydration.

“It’s not so much  depends on the miles, but where I’m going,”  she said. “If I’m going higher up, I may need some gloves and a hat and a jacket, so I’m going to wear a vest.”

Her go-to jacket is the Salomon Fast Wing ($110) . At 94 grams, it’s hardly noticeable in her pack, and for shorter runs it can roll up into nothing and fit in a pocket.

“It’s easy to run with, super light and it keeps me warm.”

Brandon Mathis