When it comes to running in the cold and snow, it doesn’t take much to fend off the elements. We get a few bits of advice from globe trotting professional runner Anna “Frosty” Frost and Colorado running coach Bret Sublet on how to dress up when the temperatures go down.

1) Pick a shoe with an aggressive tread or use traction devices. Frosty says she is always looking for maximum tenacity. “I like grip, whether I’m running in flat terrain or not,” she said.

2) “You produce a lot of heat when you’re running, so it doesn’t take much,” Sublet said. He recommends a base layer top and bottom, and wind proof brief, for those sensitive areas. Think Windstopper underwear. Never be afraid of the wind again.

3) Men in tights. Guys, the day is now. If you haven’t already, this is your chance to tighten up. “These are versatile,” Sublet said. Good for Nordic skiing, under you ski pants on super cold days. “They crossover to a lot of different activities.”

4) Outer shell layers don’t have to be much more than weather resistant and windproof. “You’re not riding a ski lift,” Sublet said. “You can go minimal on the clothing.”

5) El naturel. Merino wool is back in the hot seat and you’ll find everything from underwear to neck gaiters to socks made from the soft, thermal fibers. Frosty, like hordes of other runners, likes her wool socks.

6) Slip on some Gaiters. Just like their giant knee-high cousins, these ankle-high running gaiters are snow shields to keep the white stuff out and the hot stuff in. Some trail shoes even come gaiter ready (gaiters keep rocks out just as well as snow) and other winter specific shoes have them built in.