Troy Wells

What you do?

Race mountain and cyclocross bikes for Team CLIF Bar. In my spare time, hack around the Four Corners golf courses.

What got you into it?

I started racing BMX as a kid and have basically raced bikes my entire life, except for a couple years of running in high school and one semester of college. That was a bad decision. Running hurts.

What’s your fondest memory of it?

I really enjoy high-country rides around Durango, especially new trails that I’ve never ridden before. One of my favorite routes is Telluride to Durango on the mountain bike. East Fork – Colorado Trail – Blackhawk – Hotel Draw – Hermosa – Animas Valley – home.

What does it teach you?

How to develop a plan and execute it over the course of a season or year. From training to traveling, to coordinating with teammates and sponsors.

How has it enhanced your life?

I’ve got to travel to so many awesome places I would have never been able to see.

If someone wants to get into cycling, what should they do?

Get out there and enjoy every minute.

What’s the hardest thing about what you do? 

The suffering when you are at your limit in the races.

What’s the best thing about what you do?

Satisfaction of achieving goals.

Where is your favorite place to ride?

The San Juan Mountains.

What’s a weird item in your pack?

The extra CLIF product I have in my pack. I normally end up giving some of it away, if someone is doing the Colorado Trail hike or they look like they are in rough shape.