“So what is Adventure Pro?”

During my time at Adventure Pro Magazine, this question has presented itself at several different moments. Without fail, I find myself having to stop and reflect on the question at hand.

My first response is to reference the tagline: For the Adventurer in All of Us. Yet all too often I receive feedback from readers new to the outdoors that the adventurer in them is uncertain and trying to navigate the hidden intricacies of the outdoor community.

You see, I’ve come to understand the problem lies in the “Pro.” When most hear the word “Pro,” they immediately think of “professional.” While Adventure Pro does tell the stories of professional athletes and offers tips and tricks from the pros, the true meaning of “Pro” goes so much deeper than the “professional” aspect of the outdoors.

The prefix “pro-” is defined as “forward, forth or to the front.” With this in mind, I want to dive a little deeper into these three letters. At Adventure Pro, our vision for the future consists of the following principles:

Produce: The content we produce is curated to educate, motivate and enlighten our readers. 

Provide: We strive to provide inspiration, tips and lessons through the content we share.

Progress: We communicate the necessary tools to help you progress in your passions — from gear suggestions to our “How To” section.

Protect: Our mission is to offer valuable information and resources to help you protect and advocate for the places we love to explore.

Proactive: Take control of your future; be proactive. As Rumi so eloquently said: “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” 

Proficient: Once the skills are acquired and the lessons are learned, we look forward to seeing our readership become proficient in the activities they are passionate about.

So as we head into a new year, I invite you to find the “Pro-” that resonates with you most. I look forward to sharing this journey with you as we continue to grow, to celebrate the outdoors and the wonderful places our passions take us. Thanks for your continued support, and we can’t wait to see what adventures the future brings!

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Adventure Pro editor Tiona Eversole.Terrance Siemon