Twin Buttes is a terrific and recent addition to the Durango singletrack network. The trails are relatively smooth in comparison to others in the area, making this popular with beginning and intermediate mountain bikers, as well as seasoned fat tire aficionados. The varied system delightfully curls its way through a portion of forest west of town that was previously inaccessible.

While the trail may be smooth, that doesn’t mean flat. This is the Rocky Mountains. There’s climbing to be done. That said, you also can bomb type Ed and Flow trails – think bobsledding in the pines. In fact under construction, trail builders kept the word “flow” in mind for the entire trail network. This translates into the path of least resistance up, and milking down hills for all their worth.

Parking at a large parking lot 1.5 miles west of Durango on U.S. Highway 160, next to a big gas station, many riders begin here, and climb up the Twin Buttes Trail.

The cliff Rock Loop is scenic, with a higher-ground feel once you get to the top, and the Upper Twin Buttes Trail circumnavigates the namesake buttes themselves: two nearly identical features that rise from the hillside like the humps of a camel. The tallest butte is over 7,740 feet tall.

The Ed and Flow trail is more commonly used as a descent, and certainly more enjoyable this way, but riders travel both ways, so use caution.

Ridden in it’s entirety, you can log almost 10 miles here, with the majority of that on singletrack. For riders thirsty for more, this is a convenient network on the way to or from the Dry Fork and Colorado Trail network a few miles north west.