Take to the outdoors with confidence the SEVENTY2 Pro Survival System has the right tools for an emergency situation

Pandemic or no pandemic, it’s good to be prepared. In an emergency situation, alone or with a partner, it’s good to be very prepared. The SEVENTY2 Pro Survival System by Uncharted Supply has all the survival tools collected in a backpack to keep two people prepared for nearly any type of outdoor emergency.

Uncharted Supply SEVENTY2 Pro
The SEVENTY2 Pro Survival System will assist your handling of any emergency situation by having essential survival tools at the ready. Uncharted Supply Company

Medical experts, professional athletes, survivalists and First Responders designed the SEVENTY2 Pro, loading it with the most important survival tools for an emergency. Break an ankle, get stranded, take a fall, or suffer a bleeding cut, the survival tools are at the ready and the backpack’s design conveniently has them categorized inside. You will find them put into essential groups like food, water, shelter, air and vision so you can easily find what you need to quickly address the emergency scenario.

What’s Inside
The system packs in a large array of survival tools to handle nearly any emergency situation.Uncharted Supply Company

Take a breath! The backpack includes: the Pro Shell and Pro Insert, Survival Tent, Empire Knife, P1 Flashlight, Water Bottle, Syringe, Wet Wipes, Beanie x2, Air Mask x2, Sunscreen, Ferrell Rod, Food x2, Shovel/Hammer, Multitool, Crank Radio/Flashlight/Charger, Survival Blanket x2, Hot Hands, Gloves, Sawyer Water Filter, Duct Tape, Stormproof Matches, Paracord, Glow Sticks, First-Aid Kit, Upgraded Goggles x2

Upgraded Design

The SEVENTY2 Pro ($499.99) steps up the comfort of the superb design of the original SEVENTY2 Survival System ($349.99) with a new, soft frame and completely redesigned shoulder and hip straps. The new design has modified side-attachment points, upgraded outside and hip pockets, and additional bottom straps, and a top external pocket for items like your glasses or phone.

Uncharted Supply SEVENTY2 Pro Insert
The addition of the insert adds capacity and new tools to the survival system.Uncharted Supply Company

Even better, the system also includes an all-new insert, with plastic panels to reinforce and protect the load. The insert doubles as splints, snowshoes and more, when needed.

Race toward an emergency situation knowing the SEVENTY2 Pro Survival System has you prepared with the right equipment.