Our Winter 20/21 issue is coming; here’s a preview of what’s in the pages

winter 20/21 issue sneak peak drone skiing
Winter 20/21 Opening Shot.Terrance Siemon
Opening Shot

The trees are still, and the forest is calm. A place that comes alive in the warmer months is silenced by the return of snowfall and winter’s touch. Only the faint sound of skis traversing across the muted landscape ricochets off the thin, exposed figures of aspen trees. The snow compacts with every gliding motion, leaving faint tracks across the washed out topography. 

For more drone images, grab the upcoming issue and flip to our Behind the Lens section.

What To Look For in the Winter 20/21 Issue

Our upcoming magazine is filled with a wide variety of stories by a talented and dedicated group of contributors. Josh Jespersen looks for a hand in protecting small mountain towns from economic disaster in his story, Protecting Rural Regions of Colorado. Morgan Tilton shares her tips for becoming a proficient ski mountaineer in her How To, My First Skimo Race. Morgan Sjogren explores the ways athletes can progress, even in the dead of winter, in Endless Bummer. Dani Reyes-Acosta provides words of wisdom for those looking to get into backcountry skiing or splitboarding in her featured story. Plus, ice climbing, a look at ski areas this season, a trip to Rico, Colorado, and more!

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