Add a castor plant to a clear vision for a greener planet and what do you get? The Zeal Optics Rampart and Sierra sunglasses

Ever consider how many sunglasses are manufactured and sold every year? From Florida to the Far East, gas stations to Gucci shops, sunglasses are everywhere. And all end up in landfills (or at the base of a cliff or bottom of a body of water.) That’s a lot of end-life plastic with no recyclable or biodegradable story in sight. This not-insignificant carbon-fiber footprint is something that Zeal Optics, a company based in Boulder, Colorado, takes seriously.

Rampart sunglasses
Equipped with a full-wrap frame and Proflex rubber to keep hugged to your face the Zeal Optics Rampart sunglasses are ready for both adventure and happy hour. The Ellume bio-plastic lens and Z-Resin bio-plastic frame keeps you feeling good about the look while looking good.Zeal Optics

The Rampart and Sierra sunglasses are made of Z-Resin, a material derived from the castor plant. It’s the same shrub that gives the world the eponymous beans and oil. In addition to eliminating the plastic used to build the frames, the manufacturing process results in less CO2 gas produced. The sustainability story doesn’t stop there. Both the Rampart and Sierra feature the brand’s Ellume lenses that are also made from the castor plant.  

Sierra sunglasses
The Zeal Optics Sierra sunglasses shares all the same feel-good technology as the Rampart but with a lens that keeps everything clear and glare-free. Zeal Optics

The polymer results in excellent optics—the lenses punch up depth and detail, and protect from UVA and HEV (blue) rays. Credit goes to Zeal for changing the product-cycle game without compromising durability or clarity. Plus, the styling is classic. They are the shades that you’ll grab for biking, climbing, boating or driving. We can’t guarantee that your significant other won’t steal them, or that you won’t drop them while climbing or paddle boarding. But we suspect you’ll love them so much you’ll invest in a keeper strap.