Bald and golden eagle viewing is looking up near Flagstaff, Arizona, where the birds have plenty of reasons to stick around

In northern Arizona, the majesty of earth is mirrored in the skies as the bald and golden eagle soars and swoops the springtime vistas. Below, visitors are reminded that this is the one time of the year that looking up is as much reward as scanning the canyons and surrounding landscapes. From the Flagstaff area to Lees Ferry, visitors have opportunities to view these majestic birds.

Where to see eagles
Bald eagle
Spring into summer the bald eagle can be seen soaring rugged landscapes across the northern regions of Arizona.Terrance Siemon

“Just north of Flagstaff, visitors can head to the Lake Mary and Mormon Lake areas for some prime eagle-viewing opportunities. The concentration of prey animals in these areas makes them a unique place to spot both bald and golden eagles,” said Hannah Griscom, habitat specialist with the Arizona Game and Fish.

“Bald eagles tend to feed on the ducks and fish while the golden eagles are hunting the carrion, terrestrial animals and rabbits,” Griscom said. “Spring is a unique time to see eagles in these areas because bald eagles don’t typically spend the entire year on one place. However, with the significant food source concentrated around these lakes, they have little reason to leave. The golden eagles migrate through.”

Bald Eagle Celebration

The Annual Bald Eagle Celebration held in February showcases these birds and their natural life cycles. 

“Live eagles, lectures, viewing opportunities in captivity and the wild are offered including a kids program allowing the public to learn about eagles,” Griscom said.

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