There are countless ways to have the perfect the weekend in Moab, whether you’re looking for a bivouac in the desert sand or a quaint cabin on the Colorado River.

Here are five things to go, see and do in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

1) Crank

The Slick Rock bike trail has been luring mountain bikers for decades, and still holds its own with some of the best riding anywhere. “It’s like a giant skate park,” said Aaron Lindberg of Poison Spider Bicycles. There are uber fun features, over its 10-mile length. Test your stamina on Cogs to Spare but save some energy to surf the terrain. With terrific camping and postcard views literally across the street, the Sand Flats Recreation Area makes a great base camp for hiking, four-wheeling, mountain biking and cloud watching.

2) Saddle up

John Hauer has been leading rides from his ranch on the Colorado River since 1989, on a landscape so scenic that major feature films have been shot there, including two John Wayne films. After passing a prop wagon from “City Slickers 2,” ride under the skyline of the Fisher Towers, Castle Valley then in and out canyons near Onion Creek to an expansive sky.

3) Tie in

There are literally thousand of routes to climb in Moab, from the tailgate belays of Wall Street to remote desert towers that rise to the sky. For the wildest moderate summit in the west, grab your rack and head for Ancient Art in the Fisher Towers and climb the Stolen Chimney, (5.10 or 5.8, A0), or call Moab Cliffs and Canyons Guide Service and let the pros lead the way.

Take a deep breath and walk “the sidewalk.” You’ll never forget this one.

4) Stop and eat

Milt’s Stop and Eat is packed for a reason. The corner diner serves up local foods disguised as a malt shop from 1954, and that’s exactly how it started. Sit at the inside counter surrounded by 1950’s kitchen memorabilia, or chill out in the shade out side on the patio. Try the Peggy-O-Ranch Burger, and grab malt made with homemade ice cream.

5) Get caught in the web

Poison Spider Bicycles has been Moab’s hub of cycling since 1991, and is a full service bike shop with everything you need to get out on the trail, and then some. Didn’t bring your rig? That’s OK, they have a huge rental fleet of bikes built for the terrain. Grab a seat with Porcupine Shuttles, which hauls riders all over the desert from the shop. There’s even a shower waiting for you when you get back.