For the fist time, Outerbike goes to Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado, where riders can hop on a lift or head for the hills.

With hundreds of miles of shockingly good singletrack surrounding Crested Butte, Colorado, a town synonomous with the birth place of mountain biking, this picture-perfect hamlet is nearly overrun with bicycles.  They line the streets, fill the racks, carry home groceries and carve up the trails.

Outerbike, Crested Butte
Outerbike, Mt. Crested Butte.Aaron Heirtzler

With  the addition of the Evolution Bike Park on Mt. Crested Butte, the local ski hill and stellar terrain in its own right, it’s no surprise that the folks behind Outerbike, the world’s biggest and most attended on-trail demo event in mountain biking,  jumped at the chance to set up shop for a summer weekend. And the riders poured in.

The chance to ride a variety of bikes makes Outerbike a solid option for those in the market for a new steed. Riders can take bike after bike out on the trail and give them their all to see what works best for their riding styles.Terrance Siemon

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